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The Last Stand by SparksOfTheStars

First off, the Vision: It shows the anger of both creatures, the fear, and hunger for blood loss. The shadow-wolf-demon-creature ( I am uneducated lolno ) has the perfect amount of detail, the living wolf even better detailed than the shadow.
The originality: I haven't seen one single person use the idea of a real wolf fight a demon wolf, or the soul of evil in my eyes, no random green missiles shooting out of its eye, just a normal wolf.
Technique: I am in love with the technique! You used this realism that is mixed with fantasy-like images. Overall, the fur and eyes are what got you these five stars. The feeling is fully in the eyes, and the fur blows in the wind like...well, real fur!
Impact: The impact is the major feeling the audience feels. I feel, because of the animal lover I am, like I want to run out and help the wolf even though I'd be swatted aside and killed...most likely anyway. I feel as though this scene could come to life in an instant, I love it :heart:
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SparksOfTheStars Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013  Student General Artist
Thanks for the critique! :D
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